What is a Freeholder?

In New Jersey, every county is run by a board of Chosen 

Freeholders. We elect these people to represent us in our county

government, and to set the guidelines for the way our local

government operates. While the President and Congress get more

media time, Freeholders affect you much more directly.


Freeholders set the county’s budget, spending your tax dollars on what they deem to be their priorities. They also appoint officials to run county departments, and those who take charge of our police, our parks, our county schools, and other services. Freeholders supervise the administration of government, and pass laws and ordinances that affect every county resident.  


Currently, the Freeholder board consists of seven Republicans, and nobody else. That means that when it comes to local government, whatever The Republican Club says goes. It’s been this way for almost half a century, but it doesn’t have to be.


With one Democrat on the Freeholder board, we have a voice that speaks for the people. One that makes sure every budget, every ordinance, and every decision benefits everyone, not just the Morris County Republican Party. 


Charlie will be that voice. 

"If you've never heard of a freeholder, it's because you've never had one who cared about you"

-Charlie Baranski


Paid for by Charlie Baranski for Freeholder, 100 Boulevard Road Cedar Knolls, NJ