About Charlie

Charlie Baranski is a born and raised Morris County resident, and a life long 

progressive Democrat. He graduated from the Morris County School of

Technology’s Academy for Finance and International Business, and spent a

year at the County College of Morris. He will graduate from McGill University with a degree in Linguistics and Political Science. Charlie lives in Cedar Knolls, Hanover Township with his mother Bonnie, father Jim, brother Jack, and two dogs Tip and Roxy. 

Having worked with the Morris County Democratic Committee, multiple state assembly campaigns, and running Democrats Abroad McGill, Charlie knows that the way to earn people’s support is to show how he’ll fight for them.  

Above all, Charlie believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard, and to have government officials who have their backs. His proven leadership within the party has focused on uniting progressives, moderates, and non-voters alike around one simple goal: kicking out any elected official who doesn’t work for everyone. 


As a lifelong resident of Morris County, Charlie knows how badly our county needs someone who’ll fight like hell for working people and small business, and stand up to The Republican Club. 

"In the richest county, in one of the richest states, in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, nobody should be left behind."


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