The Issues

The Freeholders have broad power to make our county a better place to live, work, learn, or just hang out. Unfortunately, right now they’re using that power to make our county a better place for their friends. With a Democrat in office, the people will be first.  


Here’s what I'm going to do:

Fight for COVID-19 Relief


Overcoming COVID-19 is a momentous task, but by looking after each other we will get through this. While neighbors looking out for neighbors will make the real difference, the government also needs to take an active role in supporting people, and flattening the curve. Corporations will do just fine, we need to focus on working people, front line workers, tenants, homeowners, and small businesses. 


Fight for our Environment

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. Even in a worldwide

pandemic, nobody in my generation spends a single day without thinking

of what world we’ll leave behind for our children. Even those who are

skeptical of nationally-focused solutions to the climate crisis can agree:

our home here in Morris County is under attack. Lake Hopatcong was

poisoned last summer because of rising temperatures creating fertile

ground for algae blooms. Our rivers and lakes are flooding our homes

and driving insurance rates up. Our summers are getting hotter, pushing

electricity bills up, and with every heat wave, our loved ones are in

increasing danger.

As a freeholder, our environment will be at the forefront of my mind in every decision. To begin with, the government should lead by example. All county buildings must be built using the most sustainable methods, and run on renewable energy. We will lead the charge in green energy jobs here in Morris County. Your tax dollars should start protecting your home, not spent cleaning up mess after mess.


Fight for our County Schools

Right now in the County budget, prisons and police equipment are prioritized above my alma mater the Morris County School Of Technology, and the County College Of Morris. I believe that the award-winning trade and specialized education our schools provide should be a top budgetary priority. After all, an investment in our schools is an investment in our community. 


Fight for our County Land


Our county parks are some of our greatest treasures. My childhood was

crafted on the Patriot’s Path bike trails by my house, and at places like

Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, and

Pyramid Mountain. My voice on the Freeholder board will never waver in

support of preserving our parks and lands for everyone. I will ensure

accessibility and transportation so that every county resident can enjoy

what we have to offer.  

Fight for our Workers

I know which side I’m on. There is no reason that any county contract should ever be given to any company that doesn’t have a unionized workforce. There is no reason why our government should ever stop fighting for the working people of our county. As Freeholder, I’ll do everything I can to make sure we are only ever hiring companies with union workers, who pay a living wage, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure anyone doing business in Morris County follows suit. 


Fight for our Homeowners


It’s a global pandemic. You need your mortgage money and the bank doesn’t. As Freeholder, I’ll immediately use my position to advocate for the suspension of mortgages so you can worry about getting your groceries and entertaining your kids, not scraping together a mortgage payment.  

I’m also currently examining ways we can mandate that banks and financial institutions doing business in our county provide relief for those who can’t pay through no fault of anything but a virus. 

Charlie and his brother Jack 

The 2002 Morris Plains Memorial Day Parade

Charlie with his mother, Bonnie, and father, Jim.

Fight for our Democracy

Every citizen of Morris County deserves the right to be heard, and to be represented at all levels of government. In a county where 34% of the voters but 100% of the Freeholders are registered Republicans, something needs to change. When I’m on the Freeholder board, I’ll advocate to make voting easier and more accessible to everyone, making sure as many people as possible are registered to vote, no matter who for.  

Charlie talking to voters


Paid for by Charlie Baranski for Freeholder, 100 Boulevard Road Cedar Knolls, NJ